Company Profile

United Power of Asia Public Company Limited (previously known as Cyber Planet Interactive Public Company Limited) was established in 2000 with registered capital of 1,000,000 Baht with the main purpose to conduct gaming software development for sale and contract development of gaming software for domestic and overseas customers under the trademark “Cyber Planet Interactive”. In the initial phase of the business, the Company focuses on gaming software development for personal computers. After that, the Company expanded its business to gaming software development for mobile phones and Console games. Moreover, on 18 May 2009, the Company converted into a public company limited and listed in the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) on 27 May 2010.


In 2013 the group made a start of business expansion to real estate business. A land plot at Amphur Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, “The Pino Hill Khao Yai” project, was the first land acquisition for further land development and sales. Regarding the real estate expansion, the Company, afterwards on 30 May 2014, invested in the common shares of Dome Land Estate Company Limited in the amount of 49.50 million Baht (98%). Therefore, Dome Land Estate Company Limited became a subsidiary of the Company whereas “The Pino Khao Yai” project, a living estate for sale of 40 units was then owned by the group. With the market value appraisals, another purchase of land area of 18-3-77 rai, located in Natai, Phang Nga Province, was approved in March 2015 for further property development and sales.


The Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting 1/2014 on 28 April 2014, approved the increase of registered shares from 280 million Baht (560 million shares at 0.50 Baht per share) to 560 million Baht (1,120 million shares at 0.50 Baht per share). The Company has registered the shares with the Ministry of Commerce on 14 May 2014.

The Extraordinary General Shareholder’s Meeting 2/2014 on 18 November 2014, approved the increase of registered shares and the sale of the newly issued shares as a private placement of no more than 5,550,000,000 shares, the issuance and sale of the warrant to buy common shares of the Company (CYBER-W1) of no more than 280,000,000 units. The investors arranged the total payment of 3,570,000,000 shares in Dec 2014, while the remaining payment of 1,980,000,000 shares were arranged in Jan 2015.


Seeking for other investment opportunities, besides the real estate business which was progressing, the group began stepping into power industry in 2015 in which potential investment on such business sector had been studied with the goal of generating more profit. In April 2015, the company has been registered for a name change to United Power of Asia Public Company Limited (“UPA”) in order to be consistent with its expansion to energy business in which the Company was, later in Aug 2015, approved the purchase of 93% shares of Andaman Power and Utility Company Limited, in the amount of 316.2 million Baht, to operate 6-20 MW Gas Engine in Kanbauk, Myanmar. The company, as well, changed business direction and its strategic plan on software business from gaming development to information and communication technologies, rehabilitating and strengthen the business itself.


Established a subsidiary named Myanmar UPA or (MUPA), Registered in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The purpose is to prepare the construction of the power plant and distribution of electricity


Acquisition of shares of Ayutthaya Power Systems Company Limited (APS) and Saraburi Energy Systems 2 Company Limited (SES 2) joint venture in RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)-Waste energy investment project.

The Reduction of registered capital in APU to resolve the management obstacles. Currently holds 99.99% of shares.


The Company has signed the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the solar power generation project for government agencies and agricultural cooperatives in 2017, totaling 3 projects, with a total capacity of 7.95 MW. 1. Krasae Sin, Songkla Province, with a total installed capacity of 5 MW. Wichian Buri Agriculture , Phetchabun Province Total installed capacity of 1.75 MW and 3. Katoon Agricultural Cooperative Ltd., Nakhon Si Thammarat Province The total installed capacity is 1.20 MW. All 3 projects have a purchase price of electricity at 4.12 baht / unit. Power purchase period is from the date of payment for the 25-years

Certificate Number: 110672/A/001/UK/En