Cyber Planet Interactive Co., Ltd. was established with authorized capital of THB 1,000,000 initially running a gaming software development business.


The Company became a public company limited.

  • The Company was registered in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) on May 27th with 140 million Baht paid up capital at 0.50 Baht par value.
  • 60 million shares for IPO were offered at 1.60 Baht per share.
  • Capital increase in May to 280 million Baht paid up capital at 0.50 Baht par value where 140 million Baht were raised through Right Offering and Private Placement at 0.85 Baht per share.
  • The Company expanded business into real estate sector in Khao Yai, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima.
  • In May, the Company bought 18-3-77.6 Rais of land in Phang-nga.
  • In November, the Company raised fund through Private Placement by issuing 5,550 million ordinary shares at 0.50 Baht per share.
  • Issue CYBER-W1 at 280 million units with exercise price at 3 Baht within 3 years
  • The Company name has changed to United Power of Asia Public Company Limited (UPA).
  • The Company acquired 93% shares of Andaman Power and Utility Company Limited.

Myanmar UPA Co., Ltd. had established to sign PPA with Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) for BOT terms of 200MW CCPP. PPA has duration of 30 years.

2017 - 2018

The Company has signed the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the solar power generation project for government agencies and agricultural cooperatives total of 3 projects, with a total capacity of 7.95 MW.

  • Invested in Sandin Water Project in Laos.
  • Invested in solar power plant named “Song Luy 1 Solar Power Plant” located in Vietnam (“Song Luy Power Plant”) with 46.7 MW capacity.
  • Completed M&A for 5MW Agro-solar power plant in September. Power plant is at Udon Thani.
  • Invested in One Central Tower project which provided an opportunity for the Company to invest in overseas real estate business, which was a new market opening for the Company in Cambodia.
  • In October, the Company raised fund through Right Offering by issuing 3,460,342,750 ordinary shares at 0.15 Baht per share.
  • Set up Canna Care Co., Ltd. in April for Cannabis for medical business.
  • Canna Care acquire 14.14% share from Golden Triangle Group Co., Ltd.
  • Invested in 20.8 MW Wind Energy Project (Phoung Mai 3) in Vietnam.
  • In January, the Company raised fund through Right Offering by issuing 3 billion ordinary shares at 0.30 Baht per share.
  • Issue UPA-W2 at 2,021,723,842 units with exercise price at 0.50 Baht on quarterly basis within 1 year.
  • Authorized Capital is 7,578,205,755.00 Baht Paid up Capital is 6,565,171,460.50 Baht Listed Share is 13,130,342,921
  • In February, the Company invested in Crypto Mining in Laos