United Power of Asia Public Company Limited , held on 23 April 2021, that resolved to approve in-principle that Canna Care Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Company (“Canna Care”) to invest in the newly-issued ordinary shares of Golden Triangle Group Co., Ltd. (the “GTG”) whose business operations are production and distribution of products from cannabis for medical purposes in collaboration with a higher education institution.

13 May 2021 has resolved to approve Canna Care to invest in the GTG by purchasing 167,293 ordinary shares in GTG from Thai Australian Resources Company Limited, and 184,900 newly-issued shares, totaling 352,193 ordinary shares in the total amount of THB 77,143,360, and after the completion of these transactions, Canna Care will hold 4.33 percent of the total number of issued shares of the GTG, given that GTG successfully increases its registered capital as it plans.

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